Maintaining a great posture – Shoe insoles

Insoles are used to eliminate a variety of foot ailments, including leg and foot pain and flat arches which can cushion your feet, provide comfort and support your arches. Solelab Insoles can help your posture a lot better, giving extra support and comfort to your feet. It is a wise decision to consider the solelab insoles when you are to buy ones for your feet.

There are many options to choose from. If you spend your time to stand all the time and work on hard surfaces shoe insoles are the solution for your issues arises from foot pain and so on. The solelab insoles overcome many issues such as shock absorption, sweaty feet and blisters and fewer chances of getting tired and sore.

How insoles help your posture

There are few types of insoles as comfort, support, and custom. Comfort is used like softer foams, gels they won’t provide the best posture with shoe insoles. Support insoles are made from the harder material to offer more support and stability and always great with work boots.

What to consider before inserting new insoles?

Match your insoles thickness with the existing insoles that come with the shoe. If you will have trim insoles for the fitting start by trimming one size larger than the shoe size if that doesn’t fit adjust accordingly. Get off your insoles whenever you are not using the work boots. Use the mild detergent when washing and air dry.

Many of you may get annoyed if the flap seen at the interior lower part of your boot becomes loose and huddles in to the footwear itself.

Use of insoles increases the duration of shoes without damaging the interior parts. Normally, the lifespan of an insole should be ten to fifteen months. Moreover, they provide extra cushioning and comfort. It also helps to control the shoe moisture. So, your foot will be kept in good condition without affecting dampness. Insoles have superior shock absorption property, which is indeed necessary to lessen the stress and strain of foot or the whole part of the body.

Importance of Finding Solelab insoles

Finding the best arch support insoles is a challenging task but one that is often necessary for runners who partake frequently in marathons, sprints, and races. Feet support eight to nine times the body weight of a runner in the middle of a race; therefore the chances of suffering injuries are significantly high. To avoid getting these injuries while still partaking in exercises, it is necessary to buy the best insoles. The solelab insoles have several characteristics; runners should find a pair of shoe insoles that contain some of these characteristics:

Characteristics of the Best Insoles to help your posture


The solelab insoles are relatively thin, but still, have enough layers within the insole to provide cushioning and heel support. It should be thin because it is easy to fit inside the shoe, and does not take up too much space even when it is worn. Most of the best arch support inserts are designed to be slim.

No Odor

In case you wear your shoes for a long time, it is possible for runners to sweat in the shoes, that leads to building up of microbes in the shoe and shoe inserts. This accumulation of microbes in the shoe inserts leads to odor emanating from the shoe insole. However, the best insoles on the market are designed with special material that prevents the buildup of microbes.


The best arch support insoles are designed to be as accessible as possible. Hence the shoe insoles can be used by both men and women on a variety of different shoes including sports shoes, dress shoes, and dress boots. Arch support insoles with a universal design are accessible for everyone and anyone to use, without any inconvenience.

Does not fray

Standard insoles for shoes tend to wear out in time due to prolonged use; some insoles can no longer be used after a few weeks because they are too worn out. However, the solelab insoles last for a long time, even after frequent use.
Good quality insoles will help you always with these issues and make your work boots fit better by making them a whole lot more comfortable and provide the best posture with shoe insoles.

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