How insoles help you take care of your foot skin

The hard skin which is the thickening of skin on the foot is called foot callus. The skin thickens due to heavy pressure and stress. Foot calluses appear as a dirty yellow mass of skin in order for the healthy skin to protect itself from the undue stress. The common areas of foot callus or hard skin is around the heel area and ball of the foot. At times, hard skin grows on the tip of the toes too when one wears ill fitting shoes.

Causes of foot callus

Proper alignment of your feet and legs is important to balancing and distributing body weight evenly which helps in reducing excessive pressure and stress on feet, ankles and other body parts.

The main causes of foot callus are due to uneven pressure in feet while walking or standing. Poor weight distribution causes pressure and lack of pad of fat under metatarsal heads will cause increased pressure to the ball of the foot.

What are Insoles?Insoles are actually the materials that lie inside the shoe for offering perfect fit, comfy feel and warmth.Sometimes, insoles are also known as inner soles or foot beds. You can buy insoles separately according to your requirements and then insert those insoles into your shoes. Overall, insoles are used just to take care of foot skin and also to improve the fit and comfort.
How insoles help your feetInsoles are able to correct mild to moderate foot problems. They can protect your feet against friction and can help you with ailments that affect your feet or your posture. They are designed to soothe your tired and aching feet from feeling of being worn out and excess stress. Lack of proper cushioning under the feet often leads to tired feet, hard skin. So the feet needs better support to feel better. Insoles provide cushioning in your shoes and give the comfort you most need.

Foot skin care with insoles

You have insoles that range from basic foot care and comfort to more medically necessary support. However, insoles are not only for medical conditions but you have many benefits wearing them in your shoes. They give you a lot of comfort. While walking or standing or if you spend a lot of time running around, you would want extra comfort for your feet.

By wearing insoles you can add an extra layer between your feet and the ground and they will support your feet during your daily tasks. Insoles help to absorb shock and provide cushioning for joints. It is for the additional cushioning that make most people buy insoles. They create a comfort zone in your feet especially when you are wearing shoes that are not so comfortable.

Use Good quality InsolesThere are insoles from reputed companies like Solelab insoles that are shock absorbing and provide cushioning while taking the burden off your feet. With Solelab insoles, aching feet will become a thing of the past as they are good for tired joints. They are designed with podiatrists and foot care specialists with the latest technology to protect your feet against friction. They make any shoe feel like sneakers and are relief for those with plantar fasciitis, foot pain, back pain, arch and ankle pain. They also help to prevent pronation and irregular walking patterns. These insoles help to alleviate the inflammation from heel pain and also provide arch support.

With insoles you needn’t have to put up with uncomfortable feet anymore. You have insoles for high heels to prevent heel pain as they are designed to increase comfort and reduce foot pain. So whether you are partying, running, playing games, or working use insoles for elimination of pain, increased comfort and protection of foot skin.


Most shoes in the market offer marginal support and minimal support to the users and thus while deciding an insole just make sure about the quality of the product. SoleLab believes that every shoe in the market needs a perfect insole and thus it offers quality insoles at an affordable rate. Thus, you can go for SoleLab without any second thoughts if you are looking for a quality and comfy insole for your foot.

Overall, insoles are designed just to give your foot skin a complete care and comfortable feel and at the same time it reduces all the shoe-related issues. Choosing the right insole is the foremost need and requirement to resolve all these issues. A SoleLab insole does this task for you and hence you can go for it without any doubts.

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